- Kenmore Cup : Volunteers help with admissions, sign ups and Possibly serving food. We help in staffing the event where ever possible. 4 hour volunteer time. Volunteers get free admission. April 8th, 2017

- Milk Carton Derby : Meet us at the southwest end of Greenlake from 8 AM till 4 PM on July 15th 2017. There will be racing, vendor booths, food and fun for everyone. Tons to see and do. Watch as families, businesses and even military race for traditional bragging rights and camaraderie. Volunteers help with setup, food, race coordination and other duties as required. We help with judging final outcomes of the race, happiness and full bellies. Volunteers get free t-shirts, food, drink and parking.

- Coffee Stand : We help in staffing the coffee stand and help serving coffee, cocoa, tea, cookies, and other homemade or store bought refreshments for drivers. 4 - 8 hour volunteer time. Volunteers get free refreshments and beverages.

*Since this year (2017) we did not get picked for the raffle, we are trying to make other arrangements for a fundraiser. Please stay tuned for updates.



- Taste Of Edmonds : SBC has been asked to help staff the entry gates into the event. Volunteers help collect entry fees and help where ever possible. 4 hour volunteer times. Volunteers get free entry and complimentary beverages. August 11th-13th 2017.



- Barnes and Noble: We have been given the opportunity to do complementary gift wrapping for customers during the holiday season. We offer a choice of wrapping paper, bows, and name tags. you are given all necessary supplies and equipment. 4 hour volunteer time. Volunteers have access to the cafe. No 2017 dates are yet available.