Milk Carton Derby

Come join us on the shores of Green lake for a day of fun....

Kenmore Cup

Volunteers help with admissions, sign ups and Possibly serving food. We help in staffing the event where ever possible. 4 hour volunteer time. Volunteers get free admission.

Coffee Stand

We help in staffing the coffee stand and help serving coffee, cocoa, tea, cookies, and other homemade or store bought refreshments for drivers. 4 - 8 hour volunteer time. Volunteers get free refreshments and beverages.

Taste Of Edmonds

Seafair Boat Club has been asked to help staff the entry gates into the event. Volunteers help collect entry fees and help where ever possible. 4 hour volunteer times. Volunteers get free entry and complimentary beverages.

Gift Wrapping

We have been given the opportunity to do complementary gift wrapping for customers during the holiday season. We offer a choice of wrapping paper, bows, and name tags. You are given all necessary supplies and equipment. 4 hour volunteer time. Volunteers have access to the cafe.


Why do we do fundraisers?

Our fundraising helps fund this website, helps cover the upfront costs of our next fundraisers, volunteer entry fees to certain events, tee shirts and Seafair Boat Club sanctioned events we throw to say Thank You to our volunteers.

What else does it cover?

Well, we also offer cool memorabilia like buttons, pins, burgees, patches, stickers and window clings. But these have a large upfront cost. Through fundraisers and membership dues, we have the opportunity to order these and keep costs low.


Next Step?

Sign up and become a member of Seafair Boat Club! By doing so, you're saying you love Seattle and want to support your community!